Kayakers paddle the canal between Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake in Minneapolis.

So it begins. Today I embark on a new photographic project, 100 Photos with Mitchster and Thousand Word Photography. The idea is to post one photo each day for 100 days excluding Sundays. This will be quite an undertaking to accomplish this feat.  Let’s see how far I get with this project.

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  1. Good luck and nice start.

  2. Wonderful reds reflected. Look forward to your next 99 posts.

  3. What a great project. You will be so pleased with yourself at the end of this as you will find some pearls and diamonds in the bunch. I will try my best to come as often as I can to comment, as I know that there will be rough spots and having a bit of support is helpful. Best of luck.

    Oh, and this first one is lovely! :-) well done