Fern Fend

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  1. It sure looks and feels like a tunnel, Rob, doesn’t it!

  2. góðu upplýsingar !

  3. Loving your ferny photos (always love ferns since we studied them in biology). I agree with Ginnie, it feels like a tunnel.

  4. Frábært mynd! Já, it does feel like a tunnel!

  5. I agree with all the previous comments. Ég velti, Tho, how you took this photo, meaning where were you stooping, lying, …certainly not standing?

  6. Nice samsetningu

  7. Great lighting!
    At first glance, it looks like a tunnel 😉

  8. Fallegt, almost abstract art-ish!

  9. Wonderful bw good abstract Rob

  10. Excellent abstract Rob and love it in B&Í.

  11. Where was this? Someplace inside I’m guessing

  12. Fallegt skot! I agree with the earlier comments, looks like a tunnel.

  13. what a creative and intriguing result Rob!!! Hrós

  14. Super cool shot Robbig fan of the great patterns and symmetry here.

  15. Unique way you composed this.
    Stylish and arty!